Diane Von Furstenberg replica purses’s story

Diane Von Furstenberg replica purses’s story

Posted: September 26, 2016 
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Diane von Furstenberg is a Belgian – American designer. After marrying Prince Egon of Furstenberg she became a Princess Diane of F├╝rstenberg. In 2001 Diane married an American media businessman Barry Diller and became a citizen of the United States of America.

She started designing clothes for women in 1970-ties. Her mission statement was to promote strength and confidence of women. Her timeless clothes even have been included in the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum as part of the fashion articles collection to show her influence on fashion industry. She has been involved in many other businesses as well, for example, real estate business and cosmetics manufacturing.

An example of this would be the clutch called Stephanie Bracelet, which comes in shades of ocean or sunset. The Furstenberg handbag that looks more classical is called the Heiworth tote, and this has double handles, and it has a strap that may be detached, and you may either choose from black or green. There is another bag that really catches the attention of a lot of women because of its beauty, and that is the Stephanie satchel with a shade of gold, and this hobo bag is definitely worth purchasing. The Diane von luggage is also a popular choice for a lot of people. The remarkable thing about this is that it has always been saleable since the day it was introduced. The different suitcases, and even the other kinds of travel bags, look very fashionable and at the same time, very functional.

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