Replica Yves Saint Laurent F/W15 Punk Chain Bag ,Baby Monogram Saint Laurent Punk Chain Bag


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Replica Yves Saint Laurent F/W15 Punk Chain Bag ,Baby Monogram Saint Laurent Punk Chain Bag

Posted: January 16, 2017 
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Not to be confused with punk, which is described as ‘a loud, fast-moving, and aggressive form of rock music, popular in the late 1970s’, Hedi Slimane’s Punk Saint Laurent was created in Los Angeles and complies with all the codes of punk as he interprets it into his bags, which were first presented in his F/W15 collection in Paris.

Sporting everything from tulle to chains, charms and padlocks, the brand is quite literally in the details, with little skeletons, hanging from said bags. And it’s a edgy yet fun collection, the charms clinking ever so slightly as you move from point to point while slung either over your shoulder or across the body. Available in at least 3 variations, they are measured some 18 cm across by 10 cm and is officially referred to as the Classic Baby Monogram Saint Laurent Punk Chain Bag.

If you are loving the vibe of it all but want something more sensibly-sized, there’s this, the Classic Medium Monogram Saint Laurent Punk Chain Bag, which is just as fun but bigger. Measuring 23 cm across by some 16 cm, it sports the same charms albeit on a larger frame with a sling that can either be worn long or doubled for a closer fit against the body.

It’s like the Classic Baby Monogram Chain Bag went through an evolution. Besides the original chevron quilt and the gorgeous silver chain, the bag is also embellished with keychain, which is attached to a padlock and attached to another metal YSL signature charm. Like the 3D YSL signature on the front is not sufficient to brag about.


The same charm (YSL signature and the padlock) is attached to the chain, what a beautiful piece of accessory. It’s going to worth every penny.

And I am not finished, around the bag is decorated with black tulle trim – it’s a soft material that enhance the beauty of this baby shoulder bag. It’s like an extra silk scarf that a princess is wearing.

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